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<Shmong> is a Mature Friendly Horde Raiding Guild on Aggramar EU server.
We strive to create an environment that makes our game play as enjoyable as possible with the short amount of spare time us “Mature” players have.

Our Ethos as a Raiding guild is to have common sense and treat others (not only guild members) with respect.
Our Goal is to progress at a comfortable level and get a group of dedicated Players together to explore/destroy end-game content. Groups are flexible and we use that, but may bench a player to make a balanced setup. At some point an extra healer is needed before you can bring in more dps.

We do expect (being a raiding guild) that all members from trailists to Raiders... come to raids prepaired...
that entails knowning Tactics and having relevent pots/flasks/food/scrolls etc ...

It is not a goal for us to get in to Mythic content at this point but we may change our stance should our numbers someday increase. But never at the cost of the friendly bond and teamwork of <Shmong>

If you feel that you want to be a part of <Shmong> and you have something to offer the guild, please join the site and fill out an Application form.

Your application on these forums can only be seen by officers and will be handled with care and respect.

PS:- If your Class shows that we are not recruiting and you feel that you still want to apply, please feel free to do so...

GM and Officers of <Shmong>

Edit Jan. 2015.
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