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At any time while you champion the name of Shmong you are a representative of the guild and are expected to behave and treat other people with respect. This apply to both fellow guildies as well as everyone else. We do not want our name associated with bad behaviour, stupidity or any of that sort.

Guild chat is not for minors and will never be. All applicants and members are expected to treat each other with respect but also note that low blows and friendly taunting is usual behaviour. No mature language filter will be enough to save a light heart. Its all in good fun and should not be taken serious............. most of the time.

To the lazy reader. You are expected to know what is common sense and act from it rather than your impulses.

For raiders:

Dont sign up for a raid with gear that holds you back from performing. You should gear yourselves for raids before and not during raids. Run heroics for entry level raids and LFR for later tiers. Its really disrespectful to your guildies who have put in the effort to be ready having to carry your sorry ass.

To progress through normal and heroic we need our raiders to keep a certain standard and if you dont get picked it is not because we dont like you. We simply need to make sure we have a team that is up for the task ahead and raiders will be chosen over socials. If you dont have raider status and would like to obtain it you either need to still improve on some areas be it gear or skills or even both, in other cases it may be because said player have only wished to be a social member previously.

Rerolling goes same way as normal recruits; you simply need to prove youre capable with the class and spec you wish to play. We will only bring alts as a last resort to progress raids but we will also ensure said alt is in the hands of someone who knows how to play it and its geared for the current content.
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